Uterus model


The model mainly displays the shape, position, adjacent area, and distribution of uterine arteries of the vagina, uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries.
The anterior part of the vagina is dissected, retaining the posterior segment and dissecting the anterior wall to reveal vaginal folds and curvature (anterior, posterior, and lateral).
Uterus, showing the fundus, body, and cervix of the uterus. Cut open the anterior wall of the uterus to show the cervical vaginal part, uterine cavity, cervical canal, uterine opening, and fallopian tube uterine part, fallopian tube uterine opening. After installing and restoring the dissected anterior wall, the appearance of the uterus can be displayed.
Make a cross-section of the right fallopian tube, showing the abdominal opening of the fallopian tube, the uterine part of the fallopian tube, the isthmus of the fallopian tube, the ampulla of the fallopian tube, the funnel of the fallopian tube, the uterine opening of the fallopian tube, and the fimbria of the fallopian tube.
The ovaries display the appearance and mesothelium of the ovaries.
The model also displays the uterine arteries and their branches located on both sides of the uterus, the round ligament of the uterus, the uterine mesentery, the main ligament of the uterus, and the broad ligament of the uterus