Brain Anatomical Model


The external structure of the brain:
Main structures on the lateral side of the cerebral hemisphere
Groove and fissure a. Lateral fissure b. Central sulcus c. Central anterior sulcus and central posterior sulcus d. Upper end of occipital fissure
Ye and Hui a. Frontal lobe b. Parietal lobe lobed. Occipital lobe
c. Temporal
(2)The main structure of the basal surface on the inner side of the cerebral hemisphere
1 Groove and fissure a. Occipital fissure. b. Distant fissure. c. The corpus callosum and parallel cingulate sulcus.
Ye and Hui a. The superior gyrus of the frontal lobe, the paracentral lobule. b. The anterior cuneiform gyrus of the parietal lobe. c. The cuneiform gyrus and lingual gyrus of the occipital lobe. d. The cingulate gyrus surrounding the corpus callosum.
Main structures of various aspects of the brainstem
Dorsal side: Thalamus, thalamic occipital, pineal gland, superior and inferior colliculus, basal surface of fourth ventricle. 2 Ventral side: optic chiasm, graynodules, papillary body, cerebral peduncle, and interpedullaryfossa. The pons, medulla oblongata, and related brain nerves exit the brain Median sagittal plane: The inner side of the thalamus, the middle mass, the optic chiasm, funnelum, and pineal gland (section), leading from the third ventricle to the posterior cerebral aqueduct, and the interventricular foramen leading to the lateral ventricle. The fornix above the thalamus.
The main structure of the cerebellum
Cerebellar hemisphere. b. Cerebellar vermis. c. The top of the fourth ventricle.